My First Annual List of Lists

“I’m not antisocial; I’m just not user friendly” – don’t know who said this, but it could have been me!

This is the time of year when just about everyone publishes their “top 10 (or 20, or 30)” lists for the year.  So, I figured I’d jump on that bandwagon. 

First, I set about deciding what lists to compile. Then, during the course of crunching numbers for those lists, I realized that my readers had better lower their expectations some.  While many journalists and bloggers are dolling out multiple lists of 30 or 40 items, I quickly realized that:


Here are my “Top ___” Lists for 2013:  (You’re just going to have to settle for less here.)

Top 6 Types of Services Rendered:

6. Failed hardware
5. Consult hardware/software
4. Data retrieval.
3. Repair corrupt software/operating system.
2. Clean/tune/update.
1. Virus/malware removal.

Top 7 Tools Used:

Note: Several of these are free and available on-line.  Caution is suggested in their usage.

7. Windows OS cds. (Used to repair operating systems)
6. Kaspersky Rescue Disk (bootable ISO cd)
5. Windows Defender (bootable ISO cd)
4. Team Viewer – Business version (for remote connections)
3. Combo Fix
2. CCleaner
1. MalwareBytes

Top 10 Things Recommended to Customers:

10. Belkin wireless routers.
9.  Laptop cooling pads.
8.  Backing up data on USB/portable drives.
7.  Open Office – a free, open source alternative to pricey Microsoft Office.
6.  Mozilla Firefox – our favorite open source browser.
5.  Dropbox – for ease of synced files across multiple platforms
4.  Classic Shell – cuz let’s face it; unless you’re on a tablet or touch screen, Win 8 sux.


1. Classes.

Our Top 10 Favorite Places to Hangout – And Now You Can Too:

10. CNet
7. TechCrunch
6. Naked Security from Sophos
5. Lifehacker
4. Gizmos Freeware
3. Wired
2. Mental Floss
1. Our Facebook Business Page

Top Things I Rely on Daily – in no particular order:

  • My iMac, iPad & iPhone (Yes, I also own multiple Microsoft generated devices but I love the simplicity, and more importantly the reliability, of my Apple products, especially for business purposes.

  • Amusing encounters with customers.

  • Time away from work.

  • Mrs. Lawrence’s much needed influence to jolt me from my anal retentive personality. (She doesn’t read these blogs so don’t tell her I said that.)



Top Customer Encounters – in context:

  • During remote connection to customer –

             Me:  “OK <name redacted>, I need you to go onto your desktop.”
            <Name redacted> – After loooong pause: “Y’all want me to climb up on my desk?”

  • Phone support –

             Me: “OK, we’re going to get your browser toolbar back. I need you to press the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard.”
             Customer: “I don’t have an ‘Alt’ key.”
             Me: “Look to the left and right of your spacebar. The ‘Alt’ keys are there on both sides.”
             Customer: “What’s my spacebar?”
             Me: “The elongated key in the center, bottom of your keyboard that you press to put a space between words when you’re   typing”.
             Customer: “I always just press ‘Enter’.”
             Me: “Call the Geek Squad.”

  •  Office service call pertaining to slow internet performance:

              Customer: “And please don’t get rid of all my toolbars like last time. I need them all.”


                Me:  “Call the Geek Squad”.


And on that note, I’ll leave you with my all time favorite image from











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