Anchors Aweigh!

“Would you mind if I used your kitchen sink to take a bath? I have the hygiene of a midget.” – Jarod Kintz

I’ve had quite a few people comment about how neat and clean things are at Computer & Software Solutions, and much to Mrs. Lawrence’s delight, I’ll finally make an admission.  I’m a clean freak, or to put it more in the vernacular of my daughter’s generation, I’m anal.  Especially within the context of my day to day work.  So much so that I’ve considered adding a slogan to all my signage: “If A Machine Leaves These Premises Dirty, It Is Beyond Repair”.  I’ve considered it, but quickly discard the thought when I calculate the cost factor of all that additional lettering.

Suffice it to say, we get some disgustingly filthy machines in for service.  And being the kind, considerate and thoughtful person that I am, I thought I’d share some with you.

Keep in mind that almost every one of these computers came to us for service because they were “slow” or wouldn’t boot and it never occurred to the owners that it may be a TOTALLY CLOGGED WITH FILTH issue.


Without further ado…..and apologies to anyone who recognizes their machines.


Now I know most of those looked bad, but machines like these are the reason we have an industrial compressor.  For the most part, dust, dirt, pet hair and dryer lint will blow out and we can work from there.

But there was this one:


When we opened this case, hundreds of baby spiders scurried from that gob of dirt.  It was quickly closed back up, hosed down with Raid, and thrown on the “I don’t think so” pile.


But, and I know this will be difficult to believe, those aren’t the worse machines we see.  Little known fact: Back in the day, when you (we) were no longer allowed to smoke within office buildings, it wasn’t because our employers were concerned for our health.  Think back and you’ll realize that the timing coincided with the arrival of fancy word processors and eventually, computers.

Nicotine. That yellowish, gummy residue that sticks to everything, and in case you were wondering, does NOT blow out with an industrial compressor.  It needs to be scraped….by hand.

What does that look like you ask?


Nice, eh? (Shout out to my Canadian and Michigan friends)

There is an upside to this.  We’re located in beautiful Pawleys Island, SC.  The Atlantic Ocean is less than 1 mile to the east, and several rivers, including the Intracoastal Waterway, are less than 2 miles to the west. Consequently, a lot of people own boats.  Some of these old clunker computers make great boat anchors.


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