You Did What?



“Dispute not with her: she is lunatic” – William Shakespeare

And so it begins.

Things have really been hopping here at Computer & Software Solutions.  For several weeks, we’ve been inundated by customers who waited until the last minute to replace their Windows XP machines.  A typical job here involves setting up and customizing their new Windows 8 machines, adding additional, needed software, transferring data from their old computers, and finally, a brief lesson on the new, not-so-improved operating system they’ll be using.

However, yesterday afternoon, we began to see a different type of customer coming through our doors, and based on what we’re seeing, there will be more to follow.

These are the customers who, rather than seeking any professional help, chose to follow the advice of their brother-in-law, neighbor, friend, etc.  Consequently, they were led to believe that, rather than replacing their 10+ year old systems, they could easily (read cheaper) upgrade those machines to Windows 7 and yes, even Windows 8 and 8.1.


These are people who sprang for a copy of Windows 7 and in two instances (so far) Windows 8, and then attempted to install on a box with an antiquated processor, 60 GB hard drives and 512 MB of RAM. Um….no, we can’t fix them and make them work properly. Incredulously, one person even returned to his original advice giver and was told “well of course it didn’t work, you need a better hard drive”.  Said forever unnamed person then went out and bought a 1TB drive and wanted me to show them where the SATA connections were on their board. Those connections don’t exist, and even if they did, their “helper” failed to mention the difficulty in finding all the proper drivers to make their old hardware work after reinstalling a fresh hard drive.

A phone call or visit here, and the ensuing information is always free.  And the reason we don’t sell computers isn’t because we don’t like to make money, it’s to avoid any conflict of interest. That way, if I tell you you need a new computer, it’s because you need a new computer, not because I’m trying to sell you a new computer.

In the meantime, your brother-in-law, neighbor, friend, etc. may be wringing their hands and possibly, although not likely, admitting their misinformation and apologizing.  But, bottom line? They’re going back home to a fully functional computer system.

Insanity ensues.


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