Worst Kept Secret-Part 1

“The secrets of success are a good wife and a steady job. My wife told me.”- Howard Nemerov

Soon, I’ll only be halfway successful.

Yes, I’ve sold my business, (Computer & Software Solutions), and I’m moving on to new, unexplored ventures. There. I said it. What’s that? You already know? Of course you do.

It has been almost 10 full years since, after a combined 26 years in law enforcement, I convinced the lovely (and understanding) Mrs. Lawrence to leave the cold, snowy northeast in search of paradise. As is typical, she got to choose exactly where and what constitutes paradise, but I can’t find any fault in her choice. It should be noted that I arrived here with the following goal: to do nothing. Needless to say, I failed miserably. After long periods of doing nothing, besides playing golf and making new friends and acquaintances, boredom set in. I’ve always had a great interest in technology, and combined with previous training, I set out to “get current” in order to help others with their daily computing issues. After 7 plus years, I finally realized that I’ll never achieve that goal. The constant, seemingly daily, changes in tech require constant, seemingly endless, upkeep and research. My very loyal customer base both deserves and demands it. But I’ve got an itch. Several actually. And they need to be scratched before I lose interest or become too old to reach those hard-to-reach places.

Sooooooo….it’s time to move on. After some painless negotiating and haggling, Mr. Randy Blencowe and I signed off on an agreement of sale last week. Mr. Blencowe owns the Blencowe Group, a tech firm located in Colombia, SC, and has ties to Pawleys Island, making this a logical expansion and exciting venture for him and his company.

Throughout the course of our business discussions, I told a scant few people. Mrs. Lawrence, of course, and other family members, none of whom live within a 500 mile radius of here. Also, a few trusted, close friends, some of whom also don’t live within a 500 mile radius of here. But, as is typical in a small town/community setting, word got out. I’ve had more than a few customers ask me about it and have been told that it’s been a topic of conversation in several local eating/drinking (mostly drinking) establishments. Amazing.

More than once, I commented to my darling bride about how, at least, my “seven year itch” involves my occupation and not my marriage. Typing her response to that here would be totally inappropriate. But given how far reaching my “secretive” business dealings were, she’d know about any indiscreet thoughts before they ever came to mind.

What to Expect:

  • I’ll be welcoming Blencowe people into my facility on July 7th. They’ll be present daily in order to observe, iron out minor details and meet customers.
  • Full control of the business will transfer to Blencowe at close of business on July 31st.
  • I’m retaining ownership of the name “Computer & Software Solutions“. With obvious changes, my Facebook page will continue on for a while, as support for the new owners and an informational landing page.
  • CSSPIblog.com will continue. Tech related stories and anything else that tickles my fancy.
  • I have signed a 4 year, non-compete agreement. As of August 1st, I can’t conduct this type business and can’t repair your computers. Please don’t ask. If I didn’t have the utmost confidence in The Blencowe Group continuing an effective relationship with you, I wouldn’t have made the deal.
  • I will continue to be available to speak to your civic group, community organizations, or classes concerning cyber security and internet safety. As always, this is done with no fees attached.


Next Up:  Part II – Things I’ve Learned

25 thoughts on “Worst Kept Secret-Part 1

  1. Well, well, well…good for you! I had a little feeling that you were getting the “itch” the last time I was in with something that you said. Good for you!! We wish you all the best with you future endeavors and can’t thank you enough for all of your patience and care while dealing with we non tech folks. You were/are the best!! Joyce & Tim

  2. Thank you Jim for saving me so many times! I will miss your expertise and your humor! I understand your reasons. Please know we will miss you!
    I wish you and Mrs. Lawrence all the best!
    Take care,
    Big hug!
    Dave & Jo Ann

  3. I wish I could have known you better..and that you and your wife find happiness in your new adventures. I’m certain you will do well, no matter what your choices are…Be well… Mae Nolan

  4. Well, Jim, as an old person who has lots of trouble reaching the itches, I could give you some advice….a pasta spoon reaches EVERYWHERE!! Thanks for being soo patient as we muddle through the still confusing computer and now I’ve added a “smart?” phone to the mess….may take more than the pasta spoon!!! We will miss you and hope to see you and Sandi hanging out in your favorite bar one of these days….
    Ann Berkes and Jim Moore

  5. Well Damn. I called myself “your favorite customer” and always showed up in a panic. The Blencowe Group has HUGE shoes to fill and hope they handle my anxiety and stupidity as graciously as you have these last years. I still remember the first time I stumbled across your shop after an unnamed “computer tech” had wiped my hard drive clean. What a mess. Thanks Jim for all the years of service and I hope you get to The Keys !!!!!!

      • I am writing this because, I can remember my password to sign in with, not like others we won’t mention? Thanks for your patience, understanding, and just plain for did done doing what you done did! Chris & Cathie-Marie

      • Thanks so much. I’m sure Jim left us all in good hands. I’ll see you soon – I’m sure.
        Have a nice weekend.

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  7. I don’t know how this blog post passed me by…I will miss you terribly but glad you will be continuing the blog for a while, as I so enjoy your sense of humor. I will come by this week to pick up my stuff and give you a proper goodbye. Looking forward to setting up a presentation for our Blackmoor group. Thank you so much for your years of service and helping me…and lots of my friends, out. We will miss you so much.

  8. I am happy for you, but will miss you terribly. I will come by this week to pick up my stuff, and see if we can arrange a date for you to present at Blackmoor. You are the only person ever that I felt 100% comfortable recommending to friends and acquaintances…and after each one contacted you, they called me to thank me for the recommendation. So happy to have found you and am happy that you will be continuing the blog. I always enjoy your irreverent sense of humor!
    And yes, you undercharged…

  9. Well that sucks! Anyway good luck in any new venture you undertake. I need to know how to reach you so I can Harress when the VOL’s beat the Gators this fall!

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