Part II – Things I’ve Learned

“There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” – Bertrand Russell

As far as I can tell, my readership here consists of Mrs. Lawrence, because she wants to know if I’ve written anything bad about her, a handful of loyal customers, Mrs. Connelly, when she wants to know what’s going on in her dad’s life, the occasional dude worrying about a bowl full of Snickers, and several thousand people in foreign lands who may, or may not, have English as a second language. Therefore, I feel the need to review my previous post, Worst Kept Secret-Part I.

I’ve sold my business. End of review.

Now, on to Part II.

Things I’ve LearnedNot Sure

In no particular order:

  • Empathy and business don’t always mix.
  • Based on industry standards, I grossly undercharged for services. (See above)
  • I was totally OK with my pricing structure even if others in the industry were not.
  • The customer isn’t always right.
  • I’ve accumulated a lot of junk in here over 7 years.
  • If I think about it too much, it’s hard to walk away.
  • I don’t think about it too much.
  • I’ve spent way too much time helping customers remember/recover passwords.
  • Paid antivirus software is the biggest scam in the computing industry.
  • “I’ve read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions of services” is the biggest lie in the computing industry.
  • People will click on just about anything.
  • Microsoft Vista sucked.
  • 99.9% of the population have no idea why they have to type those unreadable letters and numbers into the little box in order to proceed on a website.
  • I have, and have gone thru, numerous PCs, but my 7 year old iMac has never had a glitch and just keeps on keepin’ on.
  • Music does indeed soothe me, the savage beast.
  • I’m tiring of the constant iTunes updates.
  • Facebook needed a “dislike” button right out of the gates.
  • People who swear they don’t smoke anywhere near their computers usually chain smoke. Next to their computers.
  • AOL desktop software is like Law and Order reruns on the USA network. Just.Won’t.Die.
  • Microsoft 8 & 8.1 suck almost as much as Vista did.
  • Mrs. Lawrence is concerned that my brain will “turn to mush” once I leave here.
  • “Continuing education” in the tech field never ends.
  • Facebook’s TOS concerning fake accounts is a joke.
  • Far too many people, who rely on tech for their livelihood, have no desire to learn even the basics.
  • Mrs. Lawrence doesn’t realize that remaining in this business will finish turning my brain into mush.
  • It took countless hours and trials before Snickers Minis won their rightful place in my candy bowl.
  • My UPS guy is going to miss the candy bowl.
  • I’ll never understand why some businesses don’t take advantage of free advertising via Facebook Business Pages, but pay for print advertisements in once weekly papers.
  • Over the years, most people, but not all, came to appreciate my sometimes brutal honesty.
  • Speaking techo-babble to customers rarely goes well and may result in them stroking out on your office floor.
  • If I ever “fired” you as a customer, it was because (a) I felt a lack of trust on your part, or (b) you felt the need to tell me how to do the job.
  • Everyone has a brother, uncle, niece, friend, acquaintance or significant other, who “knows all about computers”. Yet, here you are.
  • My busiest times were always the weeks after Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When the grandkids went home and computers needed to be detoxed.
  • Nothing was more satisfying than helping overseas military personnel via remote connection.
  • Based on the “likes” and activity on my Facebook Business Page, people in Asia and the Middle East are starved for tech knowledge and will jump on any related pages.
  • If you ever posted a question or comment on my page, in a foreign language other than Spanish or German, and didn’t get a response, it was because Google Translate told me “go home, you’re drunk”.
  • Not everyone appreciated my sarcastic brand of humor.
  • More than a few people/businesses I interact with need a social media manger. Desperately.
  • Spam, on blogs and via email, sucks.
  • Because of my dislike of spam, and refusal to market via email, I have very few email addresses in my customer database.
  • Toolbars are not our friends.
  • Trolling trolls on social media can be amusing, time consuming and destructive.
  • Given my disdain for socializing, (just ask Mrs. Lawrence), without this business, I never would have met a lot of great people. (Special shout-out to Bob Miller, Steve Kloss and Theron Deas)
  • If this were an awards ceremony, I’d have been thrown off the stage by now.
  • I’ll miss you guys. Briefly.




4 thoughts on “Part II – Things I’ve Learned

  1. The UPS guy is not the only one who will miss the candy bowl. You should have written the candy bowl into the deal.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I agree to the points you make (the ones I can relate to that is…) Yes I DID come to appreciate your “brutal honesty” ! I am happy to know that I’m in the 0.001% who know what those little numbers in the box are for! ( tongue in cheek humor ;)….)
    Enjoying your blog!
    Jo Ann Hickman

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