Welcome To Adulthood

I recently had a conversation with my 15-year-old granddaughter. She was struggling with one of the seemingly endless dilemmas suffered by most 15-year-olds and the angst was palpable. After hearing both sides of her issue, I immediately realized that I was far too removed from adolescence to advise a correct direction.  Yet, as the old, grizzled granddad, I felt the need to impart some wisdom and instantly regretted doing so. As if in super slow motion, I watched her shoulders slump, saw her rose colored glasses shatter and her youthful idealism ooze from her pores. My sage advice? I told her that a large portion of adulthood results in choosing the lesser of two evils. Afterward, try as I may, I failed to undo the damage I’d obviously done to her psyche. I believe she’d like to erase that conversation from her memories and remain a 15-year-old forever. Welcome to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Disclaimer: The following represents my personal beliefs and opinions. While I have no problem engaging in meaningful debate, I won’t tolerate bullshit. So, if you lead in with Obama is a communist, Muslim, ISIS sympathizer and Satan, save it for your Facebook pages. 

I’ve always had an interest in politics and have voted in every election since attaining legal age to do so. Early on, at least for Presidential elections, the Republican Party traditionally represented the standards set during my military time and entrance into Law Enforcement. However, my opinions began to change during Regan’s second term and in 1988, I held my nose, voted for Dukakis, and never looked back. Clinton (Bill) twice, Gore, Kerry, and Obama, twice. Seems that every four years, the Republican platform drives me further left. This election is no different.

Let’s review my options:

Don’t Vote: Not an option for me.

If you choose this route just shut up.

Vote 3rd Party: 

Right or wrong, our 2 party system will not allow for a 3rd party candidate to win a Presidential election. Not in my lifetime. Voting 3rd party as a form of “protest” may make you feel better about yourself, but ultimately skews the process. (Are you paying attention Bernie Sanders supporters?)


Vote Republican: Donald Trump. 

The man never intended to get this far and he’s ill-equipped to lead our nation. Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, cease immigration from countries HE suspects of Islamic extremism, saber rattling and threats directed at NATO and our allies, stem trade agreements even though a large portion of his merchandise is manufactured overseas, his juvenile tweets and threats to sue everyone he feels slighted by, and the list goes on. Honestly, in my opinion, the most despicable person ever to gain the nomination. I cannot fathom how any immigrant, non-Christian (or Christian for that matter), woman, gay or transgendered person could possibly support him. I’ll stop short of calling him a racist, but when you garner the support of White Supremacists, something may be amiss. I keep waiting for him to Tweet out…..Just Kidding!

Add to that the greater distance from the center that the Republican Party has strayed. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, war mongering, and the desire to infuse their and only their religion into politics.


Vote Democrat: Hilary Clinton.

But, BENGHAZI! Thanks Trey Gowdy for spending over 7 million dollars and finding no fault with Clinton. (And an honest thank you to Mary Cammanday, mother of the late Ambassador Stevens, who has asked Trump and the Republican party to stop using his name and memory as a cynical and opportunistic manner during their campaign.)

But SHE’S A CRIMINAL! Maybe. Possibly. But until she is charged or indicted for a crime, “criminal” is subjective.

But SHE’LL JUST BE AN EXTENSION OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY! In my opinion, the number one reason to vote for Hilary Clinton. I honestly believe that Barack Obama has, to date, been the best President in my lifetime. Time after time I hear all the complaints, but, I have never had anyone actually explain how their lives have gotten worse due to an Obama policy. Instead, I get the Muslim, communist, crap.

I’m not particularly pleased with the baggage Mrs. Clinton brings to the table, nor do I like having familial dynasties in the White House. Bush Jr. genuinely cured me of that.

So, the lesser of two evils?

There’s an old adage that says choosing the lesser of two evils still results in an evil. I prefer George Orwell’s take: “Politics is the choice of the lesser of two evils.”

I’ll be voting Democrat……again.

Welcome to adulthood.

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