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“It was meant to be, two trolls living in a tree.”
KayeC Jones, The Wandering Troll
If you’ve spent more than 20 minutes on social media, you’ve likely encountered an internet troll. They’re fairly easy to recognize: fake accounts, 1 or 2 friends (their real self and another troll or 2), and posts/comments meant to inflame or trigger other users who may be attempting to have a civil discussion. Most view them as a harmless cost of doing business on the internet. Unless, of course, you personally are systematically attacked, bullied and/or provoked. Generally, within one or two posts, I’m able to develop a mental image of a particular troll, and seemingly it always involves some version of a dude living in his parent’s basement, surrounded by empty Cheetos wrappers and Mountain Dew bottles. And much to the chagrin of Mrs. Lawrence, there have been times when I amused myself by trolling the trolls. By the way, they don’t call themselves trolls. They’ve come up with a more apt tag…...shitposters. I kid you not. They have their own website and everything.
Just your ordinary, everyday, sad, sad trolls.
snip20160923_4Ah, but in the midst of a hotly contested Presidential election cycle, things change. Trolls get serious and these shitposters get paid.

 Some of you techies out there have probably heard of Palmer Luckey. Palmer invented a virtual reality device called the Oculus Rift. And man-boy Palmer really got “lucky” when he made over 700 million dollars by selling his invention to Facebook. What’s a 24-year-old to do with so much money? Well, for starters, he donated a “significant sum” to an organization called Nimble America. Who are they you ask? A group that calls itself a “social welfare 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to shitposting in real life.”  And during this election cycle, Nimble America, an unofficial Trump supporting group, is using that money to pay trolls in an effort to make Donald Trump look good, and Hilary Clinton look bad. By any means, factual or not. It is, after all, called “shitposting” for a reason. 

And before all you Trump-ers and Trump-ettes get your panties in a wad, Clinton supporters are equally guilty. A Clinton SuperPac “Correct the Record” has admitted to spending 1 million dollars to hire fake on-line supporters to swarm social media sites during her contested primary against Bernie Sanders. (The assumption is that this campaign has continued into the general election against Trump.)

Yes, it has gotten ugly out there. But there is good news here.

Next time you see one of your “friends’ posting or sharing some ridiculous drivel like this:

snip20160923_9 or this:


Do your peeps a solid and let them know they can be getting paid for their shitposts!

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