RIP Phisher the Dog

“The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common.” – Martin Luther

Yesterday we lost a dear friend, companion, and much-loved member of our family. Over a year ago, at the age of 9, Phisher developed an inoperable nerve sist tumor on his right shoulder. Shortly thereafter, he lost the use of his right front leg. Regular trips to the vet declared his otherwise health, and meds were prescribed to alleviate his pain and discomfort. Throughout his ordeal, Phisher remained happy and continued to enjoy his daily routines, even as they became somewhat limited. Sadly, over the course of the past week, Phisher lost the use of his back leg also. It became apparent that he could no longer maintain a quality of life and after a painful consult with our wonderful vet, a final decision was made.

Through considerable tears, struggles, and memories, I felt I owed it to Phisher to share his incredible journey and impact on our lives.

Phisher came to us as a rescue from Saint Francis Animal Center in Georgetown, SC. At the time of adoption, his age was estimated to be between 6 and 8 months. He was extremely shy and exhibited a “pound mentality”. Mrs. L immediately took up the task of training and folding him into the family. Soon thereafter, he became master of his domain (backyard).

He quickly adapted to leash training and enjoyed long romps on the beach, and with family and friends.

He never met a stick he didn’t like and was instrumental in helping with the Hurricane Matthew and a rare snow episode cleanup.Although protective of his own toys, he didn’t mind sharing spaces with others.

He always made time for a nap in the sun, or just about anywhere else.

He was smart and photogenic.

He was a patriot and loyal Atlanta Braves fan.

He was forever vigilant when a dog appeared on TV, but also enjoyed watching Frozen with the family.

He was a seasoned traveler and loved trips in the Jeep to places like Key West and the mountains of North Carolina.

He was a loving and loyal companion.

Most of all, he remained happy, strong and brave until he no longer could.

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ross Young and the staff at Young Veterinary Hospital. Your compassionate and caring handling of Phisher, both before and after his diagnosis, was always excellent.

RIP buddy. You’ve set the bar very high. You will be missed.